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Today, IT is no longer just about doing IT. Companies need to keep up with many regulatory requirements on national and European level and keep up to speed with what's coming next.

When the time is right, acquiring new tech start-ups or selling your own business brings its own challanges.

Our mission here at Chronos Consulting is to help you with all of these issues relying on our expertise and deep knowledge.


EU Public Affairs

Knowing the right people and having access to important information in the right time is the key. We are almost like home in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Government Relations

With a long history of relationship with European and Czech public institutions, we are ready to assist you with your regulatory or policy challanges.

Compliance and Regulatory

Thanks to our long time experience in IT enviroment, we can swiftly help you to comply with all existing and developing regulations, with no aditional burden for you.

GDPR compliance

With the help of our GDPR certified specialists, we can make sure that your projects and processes are by all means GDPR compliant.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Buying or selling? IT companies have their specifics on which it is important to focus on throughout any transaction. We will safely guide you through all of this.

Software Security Auditing

Our software engineers and consultants with experience from large IT companies are ready to help with auditing and securing your software projects.


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